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Ab´duhn; Heb., “service, servile”?

1 A levitical town in Asherite territory (Josh 21:30; 1Chr 6:74), probably modern Khirbet ‘Abdeh, nineteen miles south of Tyre and about three miles east of the Mediterranean coast at Achzib. 2 One of the minor judges of Israel (Judg 12:13-15), whose eight-year work is unknown, but whose family is described as both large and rich. 3 A Benjaminite son of Shashak (1Chr 8:23-24). 4 The firstborn son of the Gibeonite Jeiel and his wife Maacah, and an ancestor of Saul (1Chr 8:30; 1Chr 9:36). 5 A servant of Judah’s king Josiah, commanded to seek the validity of the book of law discovered in the Temple (2Chr 34:20, 2Chr 34:14). This person is named Achbor in (2Kgs 22:12).